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Signature Tridosha Balancing Massage..An Ayurvedic Experience


The three elements of Tridosha are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  They govern the biological, psychological, and physiological functions of the body, mind, and consciousness.  When out of balance, they contribute to the disease process.  By identifying your unique Mind-Body type, we are able to tailor your session to restore balance within your specific doshas, as well as provide holistic guidance and recommendations to promote optimum health and vitality.  Ayurvedic dosha balancing oil is infused into your massage bringing the mind and body back to harmonious balance.    

 60 /90 minute

$85/$ 120 

 What to expect..

Upon your first session, you will answer a short Ayurvedic Dosha Questionaire followed by a private consultation at no additional cost. The information gathered, provides us with everything we need to create your Dosha influenced session. Guidance and recommendations on color therapy, diet, rejuvenation sessions, and essential oils may be discussed to help you achieve and maintain a more vibrant state of health specifically catered to suit your needs.

(*Please also refer to the page, "Understanding the Tridosha," for in-depth detail)  

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