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Body Rejuvenation thru Ayurvedic Therapy



All enhancements are incorporated into your Body Rejuvenation session of your choice.  Some enhancements such as body scrubs and body wraps require longer treatment time. These specific enhancements are incorporated into 90 minute sessions only.

 Select the body treatment that is most suitable for YOU! 

Hot Stones

Skillfully and gracefully over the back geared to loosen up muscle tension.


60 /90 minute


Paraffin Wax Hand and Foot Treatment

$10 Hands / $15 Hands and Feet

60 / 90 minute


Scrubs and Wraps $25 

 Body Exfoliation Scrub

Exfoliate that dull layer of skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter, healthier, glowing YOU!

90 minute 


Hydration Cacoon 

Quench your body's thirst, REPLENISH YOUR SKIN!! Hydrating mud is applied over the entire body and delicately wrapped in a warm, peaceful cocoon allowing the skin to absorb  the nourishing minerals. 

90 minute 


Clarifying Cacoon

This Clarifying Clay Wrap is specially geared to relieve congested skin. 
This treatment works GREAT for those with body acne and black heads! 
Once applied, you will be wrapped in a warm cocoon to let this mud work its MAGIC! 

90 minute


Peppermint Infused Foot Wrap, Scrub, and Rub 

You will ABSOLUTELY fall in love with our Peppermint Infused Foot Wrap, Scrub, and Rub!  Reflexology is the ancient technique of foot massage and peppermint infused oil benefits tired achy feet and lower extremities. Focus is on pressure points which correspond to the body's vital organs increase energy and promotes an overall sense of well-being. 

 60 / 90 minute

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