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Body Rejuvenation Signature Massage Services

 Our most exquisite Body Rejuvenation Signature Services..


     Your session should be much more than just a massage.. We want it to be an EXPERIENCE!

B.R.A.T. House Day Spa is a sanctuary for all five senses.  We welcome and encourage you to experience massage and bodywork at it's finest!   


We strive for every session to be thoroughly healing, therapeutic, mindful of quality, and absolutely affordable. All of our body rejuvenation massage sessions are simply a block of therapeutic time specifically tailored to suit your needs.  Massage and bodywork sessions are geared to treat by individualized care. There is not one single massage or bodywork session that should every be the same. Techniques used during your session are chosen to meet your needs based on specific goals and findings.  Such tools used,  for example, include therapeutic essential oils to balance mind and body, select lighting, background music/sounds of nature, stretching techniques, pressure variations including deep tissue and trigger point therapy on specific areas. Therapeutic essential oils chosen accordingly to suite your specific needs and are at no additional cost.   

*Be sure to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session to fill out and review your intake form with your therapist.


De-stress, relieve pain, and simply unwind... Your body is telling you what it needs...SO LISTEN!  

Select  the service that best suites your body's calling. You deserve every bit of indulgence for a healthier, happier YOU!  

Investing in your health is worth every penny!

*Explore our Massage Enhancements page for treatments available to "add-on" to your chosen service. 


The Melt Down 
Experience our  Signature Swedish inspired massage.  Engaging in long, blissfully smooth, relaxation techniques. Release all tension and "MELT" into a state of complete bliss!
 60/90 minute
$85/ $120


The Elbow
Perfect for the physically active, this treatment uses deep, firm pressure along with the application of elbow techniques for a truly effective deep tissue massage. Specially designed to remove lactic acid and severe tension from over-exerted muscles.
60/90 minute
$85/ $120 



The Athlete

Sports massage geared to enhance the performance of athletes and remove lactic acid from the muscles. This deep-tissue massage incorporates a combination of effective treatments, including trigger point therapy, compression massage, and passive-assistive stretching.  Arnica Salve  and lineaments are used on areas of discomfort.    

60/90 minute                                                                                            

$85/ $120     



Momma Bird

This gentle therapeutic prenatal massage is focused on the special needs of the expecting mother as her body elegantly changes through the stages of pregnancy. Both mother and baby share the benefits of improved circulation and mobility. Chamomile infused oil promotes a calm mind, a calm body, and a peaceful baby.

 * PLEASE NOTE: Only for mothers outside their first trimester. 
60 minute / $85
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